Entrepreneurs for children

Making an impact in the lives of children – that is the passion that drives Felix Uzor and Serwaa Quainoo.

Felix Uzor runs the Felix Fitness Center, a sports company. The proceeds of his business go into his foundation, the Felix Foundation which undertakes school water safety educational programs, especially in flood prone areas.

“Drowning is the third leading cause of accidental deaths around the world. The situation in Ghana is under-reported, thus the need to set up this foundation to take children through anti-drowning and safety measures”, Felix told Daryl Kwawu.

On the other hand, Serwaa Quainoo or Aunty Serwaa as she is popularly called has devoted her life to caring for children with autism. Her business started from what appeared at first a misfortune- a son with autism. Today she runs the Autism Awareness, Care and Training Center which provides training and educational services to children with autism in order for them to function more effectively in society.

These entrepreneurs for children are also categorized as social entrepreneurs – meaning they are in business not just for money but to make a social impact. Funding their enterprises is, however, a challenge.

“Even though we prioritize impact, sustaining the business is very important, so we have to look at other avenues to raise money”, Auntie Serwaa admitted.

Reach for Change is a global organization that invests in social enterprise startups, especially those with a focus on children. It is currently providing support for 22 social enterprises like those of Felix and Aunty Serwaa who are transforming the lives of children

“The impact has been tremendous. We’ve reached over a hundred thousand children”, Africa Regional Manager, Amma Lartey revealed.

Reach for Change hopes to do more in the coming years. As for Felix Uzor and Serwaa Quainoo, there’s no stopping them. They have got bigger dreams and they could not have followed any other passion.

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